Choose Make up Based On The Occasion

There is a lot of difference in getting ready for your work and for an opera. You wouldn’t want to go dressed to your work as if you are attending an opera. If you want to choose your makeup for work, choose minimal makeup and choose only standard shades. Stay away from purples and browns. Keep those shades for your evening dinner with that special someone but not for your work. When you are getting ready for your work, you need to makeup to create a very professional appearance. This does not mean you should look gloomy. What is expected here is bright and pleasant looks.

Let Your Skin Complexion Decide The Shades

This is one of the very basics of makeup and surprisingly many women seem to ignore this basic factor while choosing their makeup items including choosing the right lipstick shades, blush shades and eye shadows. The colours that you choose should complement your skin shade so that the makeup you apply will look more natural on you. Yes, that is right, the makeup you apply should have as much natural effect as possible on you. If it looks too artificial, then it will defeat the whole purpose of makeup.

Choose Makeup That Lasts Long

When you are choosing your makeup items it is important that your makeup remains intact until you return home. If you are going to attend a wedding in summer, you can easily guess how a summer wedding party is going to be. You need to double check whether the makeup items that you are using will be suitable for such extreme conditions. There are many similar occasions which demand that your makeup withstands harsh outdoor environment.

By now it should be evident to you that choosing the right type of makeup is lot more complicated than what many people think. You should not choose your makeup randomly but you will have to carefully take into consideration all the above factors. So that you get that beautiful appearance that you need and most importantly, you should look natural in your makeup. Wrong choice of makeup will make you look like a painted doll and which can make you an object of jokes.

When you are getting ready for a special occasion, do not wait until the last moment to apply your makeup. Decide your makeup style ahead of time and if required, you can run a rehearsal the evening before like they do for wedding makeup. This is to ensure that everything is up to the standard just as expected. It will save you from last minute frustrations.