This site is about Women’s Fashion and shopping recommendation. Find out  about all the latest fashion ins and outs and beautify yourself with some great beauty tips. This is the place where you will get all what you need.

We adore make-up and love creating an individual look for each of our clients. These looks range from all out glam to a natural beauty & everything in-between.

We aim to create a flawless & radiant look, more importantly a look that you are comfortable with which enhances all of your best features.

We offer make overs for special occasions, proms & make up lessons

Our new venture are the parties for all ages, a great idea for birthday parties


Makeup Styles

Every popular makeup style actually originated from three basic makeup styles: Evening, glamour and day makeup. Some of the famous theatrical and cultural makeup styles are punk makeup, traditional Chinese makeup, Cleopatra makeup and geisha makeup while some of the styles with contemporary influences are temptress makeup, clubbing makeup, drag queen makeup, haru makeup and classic 1970s makeup.

Most women love makeup but many of them don’t know how to apply cosmetics properly. If you have finally chosen your style of makeup, practice first at home. Read some tutorials and look at some pictures on how to achieve that look. Look for some tips on how to apply that type of style so that when you have finally perfected your methods, you will be more confident about how it looks on you.

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